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中国国家交响乐团领导:你们好!冒昧打扰你们了,我们是上海市建平中学(高中)的管弦乐团,地址浦东崮山路517号,本学期希望能够演出贵团曾演出过的管弦乐团版的春江花月夜,希望能够得到贵团的支持和帮助,给予我们一份该曲的总谱和分谱。建平中学管弦乐团音乐总监指挥 孙丹阳 13341836137管理员老师给的联系010-64209692打不通啊

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中国国家交响乐团领导:你们好!冒昧打扰你们了,我们是上海市建平中学(高中)的管弦乐团,地址浦东崮山路517号,本学期希望能够演出贵团曾演出过的管弦乐团版的春江花月夜,希望能够得到贵团的支持和帮助,给予我们一份该曲的总谱和分谱。建平中学管弦乐团音乐总监指挥 孙丹阳

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Dear Hiring Director/Manager, My name is Petros Karpathakis and as a Conducting Artist graduate, I would like to enquire about a cooperation with your orchestra and provide you with my details. I have conducted the Athens Municipality Symphony Orchestra, Dominus Orchestra, E.R.T. (National Radio Orchestra), Students’ Athens Conservatory Orchestra etc. In November 2015 I was the Assistant Conductor of Bellini’s opera Capuleti e Montecchi production at the Greek National Opera. Allow me to fully introduce myself through my official website, where you can find my cv, repertoire and audio/visual material of my work: I am interested in your orchestra's reputation as a well-respected and creative one that constantly offers the best quality of entertainment to its audience. My research into your orchestra has shown me that you cooperate with guest conductors who are motivated, talented and able to provide the best artistic result. I would appreciate the opportunity to explore and discuss the possibility of a guest conducting performance, the theme and details of which, we can mutually agree on. I will follow up this enquiry in the coming weeks, but I would be grateful if you were to contact me in the meantime should you have a proposal that you think is suitable. I can be contacted at all times on the details provided. Thanking you in advance for your time and for your consideration. Respectfully yours, Petros KarpathakisConductore-mail: pkarpathakis@live.commob.: +30 6984 506515website:

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Thank you for your message Maestro. We will forward your information to our administration office and get back to you if any updates. Looking forward to have a cooperation with you!All the best

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